Azadaari – Meman Sadaat..

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  1. Thank you Asad,great job!I enjoyed reading the article and looking at the pictures,specially reading my father’s(Akhtar Raza)
    name as a noha writer.His nohas were compiled in a book ‘kaleem-e-karbala’ ,it was published from Allahabad.This book also
    shared nohas of Azhar zaidi(Mujtaba Hasnain,brother of famous Mustafa zaidi).

    1. Salam… Nice to hear from you..:) Yes, I have heard about that book.. Btw, I will upload the noha that is still recited today.. “Yeh uski sawari aati hai” written by your father. I am working on the video log which will be up soon, InshaAllah..:)

  2. Very nice work Asad… Liked it a lot and after hearing about all this thousand times by my father and mother, finally I see it written in an organized manner. Keep it up

  3. Nice piece of work;I am glad that someone thought about it;Memon , Sada’t is dear to me for various reasons ; the most important one is that it is the birth and death place of my father the late Professor Akhtar Raza Zaidi, and as you mentioned,the founder of the first Anjuman-e-Hussainiya.He loved the place so much that after living in Pakistan for over three decades,he rushed back to his beloved basti when the call came for the final journey; In his Math’navi he has not only described the basti but also has shed light on important anecdotes about the basti and its people.I wish you had a copy of it to be attached to your Blog.The Math”navi starts with…..

    Ha-ay memon ki woh nafees faza;
    Baree monis baree anees faza;

    And ends with the following monologue ,summarizing all his sentiments about Memon and his love for it….

    Muz’da-ay a’ish ki payamee thee
    Tou meree madar-ay gramee thee;

    Raat ko jab damagh soutaa hai,
    dil ko mehsoos aisa houta hai;

    Naghmay ko saaz thay rahee hai tou,
    Mujh kou awaaz day rahee hai tou.

    I noticed from one of the pictures on your block that there is a Majlis right on his grave- site; the chatta masjid? please ask Sabir or somebody to request the samaeen to recite a sura-hay fateha for his and his father’s departed souls.

    Let me also take this opportunity to bring to your notice some lapses in your information on Azadaree:
    one of the important sarbarahs for a long time was Syed Ali Akhtar marhoum who also happened to be the Mukh’ia or the chief of the bastee and syed Zaigham Hussain marhoum; also important participants in the azadaree, marsia khawani and paish-khawani were Syed Aqua Hussain Marhoum, who also was one of the important poets,if not the most important poet, of the basti. He has been acknowleded in the history of marthia Goyaan of Indo-Pakistan. Lastly, the main azadari of the basti was done from the Divan Khana majalis and the main zanani majalis from the Bangleh of Hathaa and it’s chief was Amma Zamani;Prominent among the participants were Aziz Khatoon, Zareefunnissa marhouma, Akbar khatoon marhooma and Asghar Khatoon marhouma.Also an honourable mention of Shoukat Abbass Marhoum, a notable poet of the ahlay bait should be included.

    I hope you Do not mind my comments and incorporating them in your blog will only embellish your blog. It certainly won’t hurt it.In the end let me congratulate you on behalf of my entire family for undertaking this project on Memon, sada’at which once used to our basti
    too; Chacha Aqua Hussain Marhoum, summed up the sentiments of all who had to leave India after Partition
    ,when he said:

    Woh Manzil jissay hum samajhtay thay apna;
    Zamana jou badla buhat dour niklee;



    Khair- Andaish-0-Khair-Ageen,
    Urooj Akhtar Zaidi

    1. Dear Urooj Chacha,

      I am glad you went through my blog and the additions you have suggested will be shortly incorporated in this blog. I even plan to start a dedicated website on Meman Sadaat. Some work has already started on this project. I hope to remain in touch with you and will revert to you for inputs.

      Meman is still your basti and I request all of you to attend Muharram in Meman once. After that I am sure you will be coming on your own..:)

      With best regards,
      Asad Zaidi

  4. Salamun Aleykum,

    A very good work ..

    I am not from Memon Sadat but i have heard the name of this important Shia town in Northern India.. I am from Jais near Raebareli,

    It would not be wrong if say that these relatively small towns like Meman Sadat, Jais, Amroha, Mustafabad and many others have played a very important role and made a lasting contribution to the institution of Azadari and Shiism in India.. It is these towns which preserved Azadari when big centres like Lucknow etc were yet to blossom. Our history is indebted to the generations (our forefathers) who lived in these bastis over the last few centuries..

    May Allah make these towns the cradle of knowledge once again..


    1. salamun allakum,jahan tak mera khyal hai app aap us meman sadat ki baat kar rahe hain jisko bhanera sadat ki fizaiun taro taza rahkti hain, agar sahi hun to shayad yeh distt. BIJNOR SE TALLUK RAKHTA HAI,AGAR SACH HAI PLZ LET ME KNOW CLEAR POSITION, THEN AFTER THAT , I WILL give u so many BHOLI BISRI YADEIN .PLZ CONTCT ME BY MAIL. THANKS SMH ZAIDI.29.01.2010

      1. Walaikumassalam.. Ji bilkul.. meine usi Meman Sadaat ka tazkira kia hai.. Looking forward to hearing from you soon..:)


  5. i m happy to see.i m from jalali so i saw this just for the sake of knowlegde it really good job done by you may allah gives you more success in ur life.

  6. Dear Asad:
    I’m just sitting at baji’s (houston-america) and looking at your sincere effort about my birthplace i.e. memon. I just can’t seem to forget noticing when i came to memon in 1979, a young boy sitting on a tree started shouting, here they are, here they are,running shoeless, shirtless ahead of our cylcle rickshaw, showing the way to ahata. i noticed now, he’s obviously a grown up man, and baji told me he’s chacha akhtar abbas’s son sabir! i had some memorable time with him and qaiser chachi, her great smile and the hot tea she’d make for me, even before i arrived. chacha mustafa/ or daday ali akhtar would show me through the MORI, at the dusk, and then our adabi nashist with chacha abbas/shokat would start. i also had a priviledge of attending babooji’s chehlum’s majlis in the same divankhana, where he recited his last salam, before migrating to pakistan.the maqta goes like this:
    keep the goodwork up, and be careful about the historic truth.all the best…
    javed zaidi

  7. ASAK great work asad memon ki azadari dekh ker boht lutf aya aap ne hamary buzurgoon ke yaad taza ker de yeh sub hamary walid sibte haider bohat ishtiaq se sonaya karte thy dada ali akhter memon ke azadari ko akher waqt me bohat miss karte the mola app ko salamat rakhe khuda hafiz

  8. Aadab To all
    I feel proud on memon ssadat and its cultural activities. Mohharram Is also a celebration with full grief and respect. All marsiyas and style of juloos reflected the real seen of karbala.

    Yours Truely
    abda zaidi
    Lingaya’s Institute of Management And Technology New Delhi-47

  9. I cannot tell that you remember me. I used to visit Bhai Akhtar Raza and aapa Rehan in Shikarpur-Sind in 1952-54 with Ameer Mehdi.we were in Mohallah Sheikan with Bhai Illyas family and chacha Afsar Husain family for Inter in C & S college.
    You can contact me by e-mail.

  10. I am very happy to see this good job. May God Help you in near future.
    I am feeling good in my office to see my Azadari Place.

  11. Dear Asad,

    Asalam Alikum – your sincere effort in this regard is really commendable..i hav no words for this…well..I , syed kamran hyder zaidi s/o syed hussain hyder zaidi s/o syed riaz ul hassan zaidi,living in karachi. My grandfather,Syed riaz ul hassan zaidi,migrated from meman after partition to karachi.he was a very well known marsia khwan then back in must have heard about him. My father and other elders dont know much about our family tree as many of them got born here in karachi. we have no contacts with our relatives in meman.Can you help me in tracing my relatives there,if you have contacts with someone living in meman .

  12. I am sitting at Office in South Africa. Sudenly I thought to search Memon sadat now I found my birth place and my realatives, neighbour and all of known persons. I am very happy to see julus, Amaari, Alam and all my town peoples. I wish God give you long life.

    Jafar Moulai

  13. Salam,

    Marvellous! Its wondeful work. I can’t share my feelings exactly. I would say congratulate n thanks.

    Haider Moulai

  14. I am Paul East. I am writing from Chapala, Mexico. My father Syed Haider was born in Memon in 1905, son of Lakthie Hussnain. I do not know my grandmother´s name, but her niece Binte Haider married my grandfather after her death. Lakthia had 8 sons, five from his first wife and three from his second. My father was the second. Ameer Raza the third. Mustafa Zaidi the poet (born 1930) was the 7th. Javed Zaidi who writes above is the son of Mujtaba, the 6th son. Even though I do not have a “correct” name, at birth, two of my children (Arif Haider and Paola) were given surnames East-Raza. When my father died his ashes were taken to Memon (1978). He is near the lake in a mango orchard. I think Lakthie is there too.

    I am very happy to have found your web-site.

    Paul East

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